Never Agonize Over Scaling Your Advertising Campaigns Ever Again...

This New 'Creative Response Advertising' Framework is Helping eCommerce Businesses Aggressively Scale Their Daily New Customer Sales Volume While Producing Record R.O.A.S...


Never Agonize Over Getting Qualified Appointments Ever Again...

This New 'Creative Response Advertising' Framework is Helping Coaches and Consultants Generate More Qualified Appointments Aggressively At Scale...

From: Dave Rotheroe
Founder, Grip Advertising

If you're a coach, or a consultant and you're looking to aggressively scale your high ticket offers and generate a consistent flow of high quality appointments every single day...

...this can be a bonafide game changer for you.

If you've lost faith in paid advertising, or are sick to the teeth of 'popup agencies' hounding you to do business, promising the world yet doing nothing but burning your ad dollars I'm going to share with you a brand new framework for bringing...

A Consistent Flow Of Qualified Appointments Every Single Day From Paid Traffic...

This new and very different approach to paid advertising is working right now for almost every coach or consultant who tries it and produces predictable results day in day out, regardless of whether you advertise on Google, Facebook or YouTube.

Curiosity peaked?

If so, you're about to understand why...

In the next 30 days alone this wildly different approach will help you hit your daily qualified application submitted goals while also producing more high-ticket sales from your ad campaigns than you ever thought possible.

Just like it has for Ryan who generated over $2million and sales and $1.4 million in PROFIT in just 10 months...

"We're Getting Consistent Leads, Consistent Sales Every Day"

This may be for you if...

  • You’re struggling with inconsistent results (high CPM's, high CPL's, low CTR's, low conversion rates, and inconsistent volume of new buyers daily)...
  • You’re unable to scale past a certain revenue point (or every time you start to gain some traction and increase budget) your CPA shoots through the roof...
  • You feel left behind or forgotten about by your existing agency, you feel like you're no longer a priority to them and you're just another retainer to them...
  • ​You’re unable to keep up with running ads yourself, and you've neither the desire or time to continue to learn and adapt to the rapid changes in algorithms or compliance issues...
  • ​You're currently overly reliant on Facebook ads and you're walking a tightrope of declining results with no backup plan, no second ad channel or alternative source of new customers...
  • ​You've maybe tried YouTube Ads or other paid traffic channels but you haven't been able to get them work...
  • ​You know there’s way more potential for your high ticket offer but you just can’t seem to access it right now...

This new strategy - what you're about to see - is working in some of the most competitive high-ticket niches and markets right now...

And as long you've a great product/market fit, with the ability to scale fast in regards to your appointment availability and sales team...

And you genuinely care about your clients this can help you grow your brand predictably and profitably every single day...

What I'm talking about is... 

A Unique And Aggressive Advertising Framework: 


It's not only a very different way of filling your calendar with pre-qualified ready-to-buy-appointments...

It's combines a unique way of creating ads with a radically different approach for structuring and scaling ad campaigns...

Best of all, it works regardless of whether you advertise on Facebook, Youtube or Google and the results it produces are staggering...

Simply put, it's a:

  • Different way of getting the attention of your market...
  • Different way of converting that attention into leads and sales...

And without question, it's...

The Fastest Way To Generate A High Volume Of Qualified Applications Daily Using Paid Advertising...

"There's a lot of people in our industry marketing themselves as ad specialists, but very few have the talent and acumen to get you results like Dave Rotheroe. 

I have personally watched Dave in action with my clients and how he transformed their message into magnetic ads was simply magical. He's helped thousands earn millions, transformed so many of my clients businesses, and I know he can do the same for you. 

I 100% endorse Dave as THE go-to guy when it comes to exploding your business online."
- Chad Thibodeaux, ClickFunnels Top30 Designer

Hi. My name's Dave Rotheroe.

After producing multiple eight figures in sales across hundreds of different ad campaigns, clients and offers...

And dedicating the best part of the last six years to learning, honing and mastering the ins and outs of media buying, psychology of sales and customer engagement I've pretty much seen it all when it comes to consistently generating new buyers from paid traffic.

Sadly I've also seen the other side of the coin too.

Recipe For Burning Money...

These days there's no shortage of 'popup agencies' and so called experts who promise the world yet all they do consistently is fail to hit the mark.

This is a result of the massive wave of online courses and 'business opportunity in boxes' being sold online...

Where anyone from a snot nosed teenager looking to make some extra money to a 65 year old retiree can spend $2k on a course and instantly call themselves a Facebook Ads expert, Media Buying Master or whatever other term is hot right now.

While the course seller / opportunity promoter (for the most part) often time do genuinely want to help these people:

1. Learn a new skill
2. Make extra money

The reality is that most people who buy these courses never actually complete them.

In fact, according to Novoed, the completion rate for online courses is just 13%

Is it any wonder these so called experts can't deliver the goods when most just buy the course, never actually consume it (let alone get their 10,000 hours in) and still have the balls to call themselves an expert.

This is critical to understand because if you...

Get Your Paid Traffic Strategy WRONG... Nothing Else Will Make Your High Ticket Offer Profitable...

Every successful marketer, coach, consultant and entrepreneur knows...

The lifeblood of your business comes down to your ability to consistently and predictably generate new qualified applications day in day out...

The fastest and most reliable way to do that is with paid advertising.

When it comes to paid ads, the audience is the most important part of your marketing equation.

You could have the best offer in the world, with the slickest high-ticket funnel and copy but if you can't get eyeballs on them, it's pointless.

The right audience can mean the difference between an avalanche of new buyers or a trickle of sporadic inconsistent sales.

❌ Not your offer
❌ Not your design
❌ Not your funnel
❌ Not your testimonials
❌ Not your desire to succeed

Your AUDIENCE is everything.


The BIG problem is...

It's Never Been Easier To Laser Target The Exact Audience and Buyer For Your Offers...

You would think that's a good thing?

It's NOT.

It's a bad thing. Very bad.

Platforms like Google, Facebook and Youtube have made it so easy for you to get in front of your most ideal clients getting new leads and appointments consistently every day should be like shooting fish in a barrel.

And the fact is, it used to be.

*Getting new leads and qualified applications from paid traffic used to be a case of just slinging up a funnel template, throwing up a rushed ad campaign and turning it on.

A low and behold the clicks, the leads and appointments would flow like tequila at spring break but not anymore...

Your Competition Online Is Fiercer Than Ever Before And High-Ticket Offer Ad Results Are Declining At A Rapid Rate...

According to eMarketer, social ad spending was forecast to hit $43 BILLION last year.

On top of that, Statista has reported that CTR's are down 30% year over year.

These alarming and eye-opening stats mean two things for the average coach or consultant trying to stand out and generate new leads and applications online predictably every day...

  • Paid advertising is becoming more and more crowded...
  • Paid advertising results are in rapid decline..

I haven't even mentioned the pending changes because of the IOS 14 updates, privacy concerns and the ever increasing compliance issues that marketers are running into.

Bottom line: If you want to scale AGGRESSIVELY online in 2021 and beyond the 'same ol lame ol' cookie cutter ads and campaigns simply won't cut it.

Half-Assing Your Ads and Campaigns
Is No Longer Enough!

Not today and not if you're in a competitive or crowded marketplace.

And not if you want to get the attention of your ideal clients and turn that attention into cold hard cash.

And make no mistake about it.

Your prospects are being bombarded left, right and center with other options, other ads, distractions and noise.

And if they do decide to stop scrolling to pay attention to your ad, they can instantly move on from it if they don't like it, they can report you, tarnish your reputation or if they do decide to show interest in what you're selling, they could choose to buy from a competitor or simply do nothing at all.

Fact is: It's never been easier to REACH your ideal clients online. 

But it's never been HARDER to convert them.

Especially if you're using old outdated ad creation tactics combined with inferior campaign structuring.

The Most Effective Paid Advertising Model Today Is...

So, what's the most effective paid advertising model in 2021.... that busts through the wall of competition and skepticism online?

...that not only stops your most ideal prospects in their tracks, and engages them in a way that they'll actually LOOK FORWARD to seeing your ads?

...and turns that enthusiasm into new leads and appointments every single day?


'Creative Response Advertising'...

Every successful marketer knows that direct response marketing is the king when it comes to scaling your business online.

However, direct response marketing will only get you so far these days.

Because with the level of competition online, a direct response ad campaign will only get you so far.

But when you combine proven direct response marketing principles with proven customer engagement psychology and creativity you get a match made in heaven.

The result?

People Will Not Only LOVE Your Ads...
Here's What Happens When You Apply The Same Secrets To Your Organic Strategy...
But They'll LOVE Buying From You Too...

At GRIP we specialise in creating scroll stopping ads that almost force your prospects to not only consume your ad but simultaneously also propel them into buying mode.

And the results of these ads are nothing short of incredible.

677% Increase in Sales in just 12 Weeks!
Zero to Half A Million $$$ in 10 Weeks (& Counting) From A Product That Was About To Be Shelved!
Insane Results To Cold Traffic
Predictable, Scalable Results
Insanely Low Ad Costs
Increased Reach through Organic Shares
Here's What Happens When You Apply The Same Secrets To Your Organic Strategy...

"Instead of hoping and praying my ads are going to work, we are making money off of them consistnely and at a rate that is unprecedented..."
- Lindsay Mustain, Talent Paradigm

A GRIP Style 'Creative Response Advertising' Campaign Is Like Paid Advertising On Steroids...

A GRIP 'Creative Responsive Advertising' campaign is NOT just about having a good ad.

It's not about having a different ad or funny ad.

Nor is it about having a 'Madison Avenue' type brand building creative ad either.

No, instead a Creative Response Advertising' campaign combines:

1. Our proprietary GRIP direct response campaign structure (the behind the scenes skeleton of your ad campaign) with

2. Our unique process for creating high converting entertaining ads using our internal GRIP Trigger Framework.

Now I'm not going to go through each of those in detail. I talk about this process in depth in my book Read This If You Want To Go Viral.

(I'll share how you can get that for free in a couple of moments).

But for now, know this.

When we create ads using this framework - they light up your potential customer's newsfeed like fireworks on New years Eve while tapping into their internal triggers that make them consume, share and buy.

Ok Dave... But What Does A 'Creative Response Advertising Ad Look Like And Why Do They Work So Well?

Great question.

Let me show you.

These are all real ads that are producing results (lower CPM's, higher CTR's, more clicks, more leads, and more appointments every single day.

Below is a small sample of the unique and powerful scroll stopping ads we create.

When you combine these wildly different creatives with our GRIP campaign structure and scaling model - consistent and predictable leads and appointments for your high-ticket offer can be a reality in as little as 14 days...

If Horror Movies Were Interactive

Wrapping your brand, product or service in an engaging, metaphorical story is the quickest way to help people understand what you do and build an iron-clad relationship with them.

Email Marketing's Dead?

Stories also allow you to create a 'Trojan Horse' in which to do the persuasive marketing that needs to get done while holding and entertaining your audience while they never feel like they're being 'sold' to.

Course Creator's Bootcamp

Having established through large-scale split-testing the term "Boot-Camp" resonated with the client's audience, we scripted and created this video to boot.

Longtail Keywords SAAS

Taking problem unaware audiences from cold to sold often takes a little creativity. Comedic ads like this hold attention and create huge brand good-will.

The Grilled Cheese Story

The story that built everything you see here. This is my own backstory of how I discovered the power of virality combined with paid performance marketing. 

The New Way To Sell Beats

Telling your story in an engaging and entertaining way turns you into a hero and cold audiences into excited and well informed buyers at scale.

Chef Todd's Secret Cooking Tips

These campaigns work for just about any niche you can imagine.

The Warrior Inside Every Child

And it's not just funny videos or cartoons - Creative Response Advertising is designed to guide your prospects emotions and drive buying behaviour.

GRIP Style 'Creative Response Advertising' is Different Because...

It's about more than just these jaw droppingly good ad creatives.

Our GRIP 'Creative Response Advertising' process is a complete method for not only the ad creative side but also a formulaic model for building out internal campaign structure (the behind the scenes setup of your ad campaigns) combined with our method for aggressive scale.

It's this combination of creative and scaling structure that does the heavy lifting for you and your high-ticket offer.

And so long as you have the capacity from a sales team and availability point of view, the opportunity to scale your high-ticket offer is unlimited...

And it really is only the tip of the iceberg...

In fact here are... 

10 Things Having A GRIP 'Creative Response Advertising Campaign Does For Your High-Ticket Offer...

  • Makes your offer(s) stand out in a way that your most ideal clients will not only love engaging with your ad - it'll drive them to convert.
  • Lowers your CPM's, CPC's and CPA's because of the sheer volume of goodwill, engagement and shares your ads receive.
  • Showcases your brand's uniqueness and your highlights the problems you solve for your customers.
  • Makes it so easy for your customers to say YES and book a call with you!
  • ​Generates more consistent and predictable advertising results from your paid advertising campaigns.
  • ​Increases the volume of new appointments you get everyday.
  • ​Makes getting qualified appointments through paid advertising a formulaic streamlined process.
  • ​Increases your brand awareness and perceived value of your offers and all of your products so you can charge more and get it.
  • ​Makes scaling your ad campaigns and growing your business fun again.

And one of the unique parts of a GRIP 'Creative Response Advertising' campaign is...

It works across multiple platforms... so whether your customers are on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Google - it doesn't matter.

We are not tied to one platform and neither are our campaigns.

So rolling out a GRIP 'Creative Response Advertising' campaign for your high-ticket offer is relatively quick and easy...

And all going well, you could be bringing in a flux of new leads, new appointments and new sales consistently and predictably in as little as 14 days...

And we'd love to hop on a free no-obligation campaign blueprint call with you to see if your brand, your products has the potential to be our next big success story...

Find Out For Free If We're As Good As We Say We Are...

Listen, we know talk is cheap and like I mentioned at the very beginning, you, like most coaches or consultants worth their salt have likely been promised the world in the past, yet when it came to cold hard results were sadly let down by 'experts' and agencies...

If you're still reading this and your interest is even a little piqued, and you feel this may be the missing piece to your scaling puzzle then I'm more prepared to put my money where my mouth is and showcase up front what the potential of us working together could look like.

We'll jump online via Zoom and I'll literally hand design and map out a custom plan, specifically designed to help you get more leads and qualified applications for your high-ticket offer using a GRIP 'Creative Response Advertising' campaign.

I'll then walk you through it and give you a step by step road map for implementing it...

How It Works...

I'll begin working before we ever meet.

You'll fill in an unobtrusive. simple questionnaire that will allow me to have a gameplan ready to go when we talk.

I'll analyze your target market, go through your existing ads/campaigns and "spy on your competitors", to uncover the hidden opportunities and gold in your business.

Then we'll meet, one-on-one.

Here are some PROFIT PRODUCING outcomes we'll cover during your campaign potential call:

1. Are you bleeding money through misdirected marketing efforts and ad spend?

2.What 5-minute changes can be made to immediately increase your CTRs, Clicks, and conversions?

3. Where are you limiting potential, profitable growth in your campaigns, your creatives and funnel efforts?

4. How many of the proven viral marketing boosters have you activated?

5. Are your best advertising campaigns still running in "beginner-mode"?

We'll discuss your potential for improvement and growth and give you a plan of action to make your goals a reality.

After the session, we'll mail your personalized implementation plan with our high level findings.

There Is No Charge For This and There Is No Catch....

Now you're probably wondering: "Why would you do all of this work for free"?

Well, in the interest of full transparency, this is how I get clients.

But you likely already knew that :-)

A good percentage of the people I do this for end up asking us to actually create, build out and/or manage all their campaigns for them.

When that happens, we actually build out everything for you from the unique style of creative, the campaign backbone to the scaling structure and system.

But I am super specific on the type of clients I work with.

For example:

 - You must be an already established business.

 - You must have a track record of sales.

 - You must be willing to or are already spending money on ads.

 - You must be coachable and willing to take action.

So that's my "hidden motivation" for doing this.


This is NOT a "Sales pitch in disguise"...

Far from it.

I've no desire to pressure you into becoming a client because I let the value of my free work speak for itself.

What I share with you on your campaign potential call, for free, will be absolutely transformational for your business.

In fact, I guarantee it.

But anyone could say that, couldn't they?

Which is why I'm willing to make you this promise:

I'll Give You $250.00 
If You Don't Like It...

I value my time and I value yours too, so if after our time together you feel like I've wasted your time, I'll immediately give you $250.00 to compensate you for the 45mins or so we spend together.

There's no "fine print" here. No "catch".

The bottom line is, I'll design and map you out an amazing 'Creative Response' advertising campaign for free and I'll even give you a blueprint of it so you can deploy it at once.

After that, you might want to become a client. Or not. I won't pressure you either way.

And if you think I wasted your time, I'll give you $250.00

Enter your details below to get started:

Enter Your Details
If You're Interested...

As an extra showing of good faith, after you show up to your campaign potential call I'll go one step further and give you free access to my brand new book Read This If You Want To Viral.


I'll send you the digital bundle (PDF and Audiobook) which I actively sell for $37 every day on my website.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page. 

Right now, is your opportunity to find out for FREE how a GRIP 'Creative Response Advertising' campaign can work for your high-ticket offer.

The result could be you scaling your campaigns aggressively and generating new leads and qualified applications every day consistently and predictably.

Take advantage of it. 

Like I said at the beginning....

This will be a game-changer for you.

Enter your details above if you're interested.

Dave Rotheroe

  Here's What You'll Learn On This BONUS TRAINING

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